Photography Festival Web Site

The Eye Photography Festival

  • Site to Market Biannual Aberystwyth Photography Festival
  • Portfolio Style Site with Extensive Archives
  • Custom Template
  • Custom Design

We were approached by the organizers of the biannual photography festival to create a web design and branding strategy that would attract more visitors and sponsors. The festival is a prestigious event that showcases the work of emerging and established photographers from around the world. The client wanted to highlight the diversity and quality of the festival, as well as its history and past exhibitions.

We started by conducting a thorough research on the target audience, the competitors, and the industry trends. We then developed a visual identity that reflected the festival’s values and vision. We chose a vibrant color palette, a modern typography, and a dynamic logo that conveyed the sense of creativity and innovation. We also created a responsive website that featured an intuitive navigation, a stunning gallery, and a clear call to action. The website was designed to showcase the festival’s program, speakers, sponsors, and venues, as well as to provide information on how to buy tickets and submit entries.

The result was a successful web design and branding project that increased the festival’s online presence and engagement. The client was very satisfied with our work and reported a significant growth in visitors and sponsors. The website also received positive feedback from the users and the media. We are proud to have contributed to the success of such an important cultural event.