Online Therapist Web Design

web design project for online therapy

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Online Business
  • Brochure Style Site
  • Custom Design
  • Lead Generation
  • CMS Platform

We recently completed a web design project for an online therapy organisation. The client approached us with an idea to create a platform that connects people with qualified therapists and offers various mental health resources.

Our challenge was to design a website that reflects the organisation’s values of compassion, professionalism and accessibility. We also wanted to create a user-friendly and engaging experience that encourages people to seek help and explore the available options.

We started by conducting user research. What do clients expect from online therapist web design? We creating personas to understand the needs and goals of the potential users. We then created wireframes and prototypes to test our ideas and get feedback from the client and the users. We used a minimalist and soothing colour scheme, clear typography and intuitive navigation to create a clean and inviting design. We also added features such as a blog and a testimonial section to provide more information and support to the users.

The result is a website that showcases the organisation’s mission and services, and provides a safe and comfortable space for people to access online therapy. The client was very happy with the outcome and reported an increase in user engagement and satisfaction. We are proud to have contributed to this meaningful project and we hope it will help many people improve their mental health.